by kqer

Today is мч first day back to college after â week holiday.. Ĭ’м facing the 4th semester now..new class ň new friend.. Actually Ĭ felt â bit weird when Ĭ stepped into мч new class, but thanks God Ĭ knew â friend that help me â lot today.. He’s nice and welcome.. We’ve never had â serious relationship as â friend before..Ĭ meant we’re friend but only know his name,his class, â little bout his status..that’s all.. But yeah..he’s nice.. Hope we will be â good friend someday..

Pray for this new atmosphere will make мч life much better than before..

After had dinner tonight, мч family and Ĭ bought iced shaken lemonade from Starbucks and planned to drink it while watching Wolfman at 9PM but couldn’t get thru the security..haha.. Btw, it’s â good movie,somehow many people don’t like the plot..but Ĭ always ♡ classics..

With ♡,