by kqer

Do some blogging stuff before go to sleep..hahh..
Idk why,but Ĭ really hate that Ĭ need to sleep..Ĭ always think it’s â kinda useless think..wasting мч time..Ĭ can do many things in that 8-hour sleep time..ahh

Today Ĭ officially went into мч new class..new classmates.. Thankful they r welcome me ň made friend with me.. We made groups for homeworks and so on..

Then Ĭ did karaoke with Sya2 & Gabonk before we’re picked up by Ian to Sushi Naga..had very amusing chit-chat..sharing things.. And met Cindy too.. Really enjoyed today..♡ мч fellows sooo much..never found â friend like them anymore.. Like ü know..Ĭ can act just the way Ĭ am when Ĭ’м with them..so comfortable..

That’s all for today.. Thanks for Ian who driving me home..and nice advice..

With ♡,