by kqer

Well..мч new classmates r not disappointed me at all..mostly they are welcome ň being nice..but there is one.. This girl, let’s call her V..she is â totally slut! Ĭ hate her! This was about two days ago,on Thursday..Ĭ tried being nice to her..Ĭ greeted her when Ĭ saw her,but ü know what, she didn’t even try to look at me! Not for once,but twice!

V is (as Ĭ known) â clever girl..but anti social..she didn’t make friend with many people..ü can count how many friend she has..and she always seated in the front row of the class..this is â prove that she is â FREAK, right?

Мч friend said,maybe she is being jealous at me since Ĭ’м her competitor in class..oh but please..this is uncool!

Stop thinking about V..she is sucks..haha

Yesterday Ĭ was at home whole afternoon..did nothing except trending #vipslovebb which unfortunately was failed..(-̩̩̩-͡ ̗–̩̩̩͡ )

And had dinner at Pondok Kemangi BSD..seafood dinner..the crab was not really delicious..

Then Ĭ had â bbm chat with мч unnie (Deb)..she is â very kind person..well ü see..Ĭ’м â completely stranger for her..Ĭ meant we just knew each other from twitter then facebook and bbm.. But she offered to send me SuJu’s dvds..without any charge on me.. But then we agreed we’ll take â chance to meet up and exchange..Ĭ’ll treat her â coffee break and she’ll give me the dvds..ahh.. Wish Ĭ really had an unnie like her..

With ♡,