by kqer

As always happens..мч maid asked to go home again..ahh..classic..so tomorrow morning she will be sent back..damn! No maid means work harder, clean harder..sucks..

This afternoon,Ĭ spent time watching DVD..Julie&Julia..about cooking stuffs..two true stories..kinda sweet..yeah..wish Ĭ could cook like them too..

And tonight we had dinner at Kiyadon GI..which spent lots of мч Mom’s money..haha..but it’s okay,Ĭ think..she didn’t complain..hehe..

Âs BBSupporters’s owner, Ĭ had â great time with VIPs..we chatted..we shared ideas..supported each other and we RT-ing stuffs.. Somehow, the Hottests, 2PM’s fanclub, had â fight..it’s â pity Ĭ guess..well,they fought for something that they don’t really understand..too exaggerate actually..but just let them express their feelings..

With ♡,