by kqer

Today is the first day of March!! Yeah..welcome March..hope everything will be better..:D

Ĭ post this page when Ĭ’м in campus..still have an hour before the class started..

Yesterday Ĭ had sent мч application to church service..haha..Ĭ just thought this is the time for me to serve God..

Then Ĭ got an idea to create â virtual family named BIG Family which is all мч VIP members.. They are nice..and now Ĭ know..they really need â place to collaborate with the other members..haha..that’s why Ĭ offered мчself to hear them!

Ĭ even made â note of their bio so Ĭ can remember them..ahhaa..at first Ĭ hardly could remember all of the family members..but now,Ĭ can remember some of them!! Wish Ĭ could do better!!

♡ мч BIG Family..

With ♡,