by kqer

I just met my campus secretary head..he told me to join the scholarship event..kinda exchange student for a university in Malaysia.. He recommended me to MARA University.. I dont have any idea about this..since i never think about this..i mean i know bout this event..but i never really wanna join..

My father supports me completely..i dont know bout my mom..haha.. So yap, now I’m officially in the list now..

Yesterday i had lunch with Cha”..and my classmates.. And one more that really annoying for me.. ThisCha”s boyfriend always buzz me to help him..i never told this to cha”.. I think if i told cha”..evrything gonna be messed up or maybe getting worse.. u know..i dont wanna be something between them..

And i did my group presentation yesterday..Religion topic..sensitive topic..

Hmm, what else? Did i miss something?

Ahh..gonna watch Shutter Island tonight!!

Post again later..

With Love,