by kqer

Post this blog while waiting for piano course..мч condition now is satrving near to death..exaggeration.. LOL!

Well..yesterday Ĭ didn’t have class after all..waited for 2 hours..and the class cancelled..damn..that’s why universities in Indonesia are sucks..

And yeah..luckily we watched Shutter Island.. Ĭ can’t say whether it’s â good movie or bad.. An insane movie for sure..and Ĭ’м an insane for watching it! LOL.

Actually Ĭ really wanna watch Alice in Wonderland today!! Hiyaaa..мч sister forgot to wear her contacts..grrrrr

Ahh,forget to tell ü this part.. Today мч chauffer didn’t come! And Ĭ gotta go to campus with Julius..Ĭ felt bad.. Then Jason drove me home..another bad thing..

With ♡,