by kqer

Feeling â bit calm..now Ĭ know Ĭ’ve got â friend to accompany me to Malaysia.. Yah,it’s decided..Ĭ’м goin there..scholarship bla bla bla..

That miss V is not goin with us..she doubt her english skill..hihi.. At least Ĭ got â new friend..her name is Winny..quite nice..she’s welcome..and yah..she introduced herself first to me..â good start..since Ĭ’м not that kind of person..

Last night Ĭ watched Alice in Wonderland with мч sister..the 3D one..for me it’s â quite good movie..imaginations,good picture,ň funny..

Btw, it’s been â long time Ĭ haven’t had starbucks again..kinda miss it! Ĭ ♡ coffee..gonna have â cup tomorrow..

And from next week,Ĭ’ll have long weekend every week..coz Ĭ won’t have class again on friday ň saturday! It’s totally cool!! Ahh,Ĭ’м amazed with that Â-boy in мч class..too bad he already has â crush..LOL!

With ♡,