by kqer

Мч story now is started from Sunday.. We didn’t go to church bcoz the hoax..*censored* but then we had dinner at Pizza ę Birra..å good dinner..♡ the pizzas!!

Monday..such å hectic,tiring,f**k day! Ĭ hate Monday!! Ĭ had å fight with мч dad..and Ĭ hate finance!! They all sucked мч mood,мч energy..

Мч bbsupporters account almost reached 400 VIPs..it’s amazing knowing the VIPs support me..happy..and we won the vote from KoreanUpdates then Ĭ just found out that the admin is an Indonesian too..

Oscars was held today too..but it didn’t air in Indonesia..so lame actually..but at least Ĭ’ve known the winners list..LOL!!

Hope tomorrow will be better..

With ♡,