by kqer

Hi!! It’s been å while..Ĭ’ve been busy lately.. Lots of tasks drive me crazy.. Ukhhh..finance,analysis,entrepreneur..geez..like Ĭ have much time to do all of it!

Countdown to мч bday..it’s 5 days more.. Hope Ĭ can get what Ĭ wish..iPod touch!! Ihiyy!! And bearbrick of course.. Å bit weird..Ĭ’ll buy it all with мч own money..but who cares.. Ĭ do saving..so that’s what Ĭ deserve..

Talking bout education..this is the first time. Ĭ really wanna go to Malay..LOL!! Coz Ĭ’ve found someone..yeah..Ĭ feel W girl will get along with me..we’ll have fun there!

And the L girl..keep spamming junks..sucks..she didn’t even know YongHwa belongs to which group..so lame..ň Ĭ hate bout her is even she doesn’t know å thing, she will keep saying it on twitter..like õh c’mon..ü look like an idiot..

Need long weekend immediately!!

With ♡,