by kqer

So sorry have abandoned ü for å while..been busy with мч new job..writer! 😀 Ĭ enjoy this..beside Ĭ can learn ň know å lot bout KPop, now Ĭ can practice мч english writing too!!

Btw, мч onnie took part in this blog too..but she hasn’t started yet..we’ll be å good team.. Felt guilty å bit for negative thinking..but it’s all alright now..

GOod news is..Ĭ’м done with all мч asssignment!! Yeay!! And Ĭ’м watching God Of Study which is å good Kdrama.. Hwang Baek Hyun was so cute.. Chan Doo was so sweet..♡ his smile!! Gonna finish it quick!

2 days countdown to мч birthday.. Maybe tomorrow Ĭ’ll get мч iTouch! ^^

With ♡,