by kqer

One day countdown to мч bday.. Last afternoon,Ĭ planned to buy iTouch but everything was ruined by мy Dad! Ĭ hate him! Too much talking,too much thinking! Wth? It’s мч own money..Ĭ can use it for whatever Ĭ want! Damn! Ĭ even dreamt about iTouch when Ĭ took å nap!

We had lunch at Burger King and dinner at Sanpachi Ramen. Me ň мч sister ate separately from Dad ň Mom.. Then we went to Brightspot..vintage market..but sooo expensive..ň nothing good..Ĭ don’t really like vintage stuffs..they r unique..but so old fashion.. Not everyone looks good in vintage..

Ĭ’ve planned to keep in мч target : buy мч very own iTouch!

With ♡,