by kqer

It’s мч Chinese bday actually.. Went to grand parents’ house,church and everything..the best part is only having dinner..good foods,good drinks..

Besides that, Мч Mom complaint bout everything..damn it! Ĭ can’t stand her! Too much thinking..too much talking!

And some of мч Twitter’s friends always complain too..damn! And plz use appropriate words! In english or earth language plz..

Ĭ don’t do many updates again..especially yesterday ň today..but Ĭ did the original one..Ĭ took out pictures from magazine’s site ň made мч own article..

Мч plan is to sleep till afternoon tomorrow..then do some piano practice, studying for quiz and so on..need holiday! LOL

This noon, Ĭ broke мч boots so мч mom bought me new pair of flats..Ĭ ♡ it! Ĭ just didn’t admitted it to мч Mom.. LOL

With ♡,