by kqer

Ĭ really felt guilty this time..Ĭ gotta push away мч feeling! Dammit! Not this feeling again plz..not мч bestfriend again! Damn! Ĭ hate this feeling..why Ĭ’м so sensitive?

Ĭ hate мч classmate that always try to close to me..Ĭ don’t even feel comfortable around him..huff.. Fb wall comment and short message are all bad ideas..

Feeling bad lately for мч uncle..he got å very very bad ill..cancer..arghh..pray for him..need miracle from God..but he’s not å christian..what should Ĭ do? Ĭ’ve asked мч preach to pray for him too..but Ĭ didn’t get any reply till now..

For KoreanUpdates..we got some troubles..hope everything’s well after all..
And Ĭ hope Ĭ can more update..since мч tasks come like hell and torture me so bad..damn!

With ♡,