Me and Vacation to Lake Toba, North Sumatra

by kqer

This is a sudden vacation for my family actually. We planned to attend my uncle’s 40 days ceremony after his death. So we also going to Lake Toba, Prapat for short vacation. Here I wanna share u some pictures.

Introduce to u, my family members who goin on with me to Lake Toba.

Be ready for the next pics! LOL!

These pics were taken in the Hotel area. We stayed in Niagara Hotel in 2 deluxe rooms. Cost : 750K Rupiahs/night. Luckily, a clean and comfortable accomodation.

Family pic taken from near the valley

Just realized I got so many pics from Hotel’s garden! But admit that the garden is really beautiful! Too pretty too

On the speed boat..leaving to Samosir Island which the only island in Lake Toba! Took this speed boat at Inna Prapat Hotel. Costed 600K Rupiahs. Capacity : 12 people.

Took this pic with local baby boy in Tomok, one of local area in Samosir Island. We came to traditional market. Many tourists in the market too, such as Malaysian, Indian, Singaporean and even Australian. Local people always asked foreign people (blonde hair) to take picture with them! LOL

Back from Samosir Island, we’re goin back to hotel to packing bagages then went back to Medan. Thanks God I could enjoy this beautiful view! And thanks to my sista who obsessed to take the pic of me! LOL mwah

With Love,