My Premature Obituary

by kqer

Karen Kamal

She was sixty-one years old when she died in 2051. Karen was born in Medan on March 16th 1990, but she moved to Jakarta in 1996. She got some rewards from economic competitions she joined in high school. After graduated from SMAK 1 BPK Penabur high school in 2008, she studied in Bina Nusantara University and got a good GPA score when she graduated in 2012 and took Business Master degree in 2014.

She joined Centeng team work in February 2011. Taking part as Marketing team, she had a dream to share the idea of helping others through Centeng. Centeng was actually only a simple idea of youngsters back then but they worked hard together to spread the idea to other buddies and hit the top after 3 years and known as one of the best social networking in Indonesia. She continued to be the chairman in Centeng until she died.

With her Centeng team work, they once again worked together to build another project but she left after 2 years for new career in banking and worked as a branch manager for about 3 years in Singapore. Then she came back and continued her career in Indonesia. She earned pretty much money that she could effort to buy a nice apartment and cars.

Karen loved travelling and coffee. She travelled to many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America after she graduated from university and learned many things about life and coffee while travelling. She loved Europe the most since classics were very interesting for her.

She opened her own coffee shop in 2016 with her sister. She already had the dream to open a coffee shop since her young age. She worked hard and safe money for this dream. As Starbucks has its motto to be the 3rd place between home and office, Karen was so much inspired by it and built one. Her coffee shop got the award as the Best Local Coffee Shop in Indonesia.

Not long after, she got married to a good husband and raised a small family. She had two children and kept running the coffee shop while taking care of her children. She also wrote few novels about life because she was inspired by Mitch Albom and his views. One of her novels became the best seller which titled “Snowy Path.” This novel is about her journey to Africa.

Last but not least, she was a founder of a foundation named “Santa Claus” to help poor children in 2030. Now the foundation and her coffee shop are still running under her children, Arden and Giardeena.  Fortunately, Karen taught her children well to help others since their young age so they have the same dream in running and developing the foundation.

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