by kqer

So here’s my friend’s story. I have a fellow on Twitter. He’s not a close friend of mine but he did share this to me a long time ago. One day, he saw an empty food store on his way back home and what a coincidence, he felt hungry at that time. So he decided to give a visit. Not long after that, few people started coming to eat at that store too. That day, my friend thought he actually brought a lil’ bless to that store. 
On the next day, again on his way back, he was so tired, and he found a young boy knocking on his car window, when he was waiting for traffic light, asking for small dough. He was annoyed but then he decided to give that boy a sweet rather than money. Guess what, that boy gave him a very bright smile on his face for a sweet! My friend was surprised. He thought,”damn, why this boy gave me that smile and didn’t throw away that awful candy instead!”


When he shared this story to me, he still remembered that smile clearly and told me that he wanted to try giving a small help (or he called it ‘bless’) to people he met everyday. He asked me what I thought. Well, I think that’s wonderful.


“A small help each day.” What do you think? #1day1help