Things I asked today

by kqer


The church I’m involving in now is a church that believes in olive oil and holy communion. We believe that we are oil and wine generations. We believe in healing. We believe in miracles. So we commemorate holy communion every week after sermons.


The thing that annoys me pretty much is this..

We all know those are many kinds of Christian, even if we all pray to one and the only (SAME) God. If the ‘oil and holy communion’ is the best way in praying, then why God doesn’t tell all Christians that is the only way to pray? I often (most of time) find that our church clashes with others because of our faith in oil and holy communion, because maybe the other christian believes that tongue language is the best way, and so on.


The interesting part is this question is actually the same thing we ask in “Why there are religions?” “Why some people were born disabled?”


I mean, if Christian is the only way to heaven, how about my friends with other religions? They are good people too and it’s obviously unfair if they go to hell just because they are not a christian.


Back to the first question I asked today, my sister told me that “God wants to give the biggest blessing to the church He chooses (our church).” And again, if you are not part of my church, you must also feel this is unfair.


What’s exactly happening, God?