New Year (2012) Resolution

by kqer

I usually keep my resolution for myself as it used to be very ordinary and shameful. However, this time I’m gonna share it here so if anyone of you are interested, you can make yourself be my judge. I’ll discuss it in points, a lil bit like to-do-list and prediction πŸ˜€

1. Campus Life. I have my thesis done all by myself by July 2012 and graduate from university in November 2012. I get an A for that thesis and enroll for master degree.


2. Courses. Quit or find a better teacher for vocal class. Quit or more diligent in for piano course. Done with english course bu August 2012. The first 2 courses are such a dilemma since I’m on the halfway, especially the piano. Damn it.


3. Work and projects. At least Centeng project is launched Β to public even if it’s failed at the end. Β I get new projects to be worked on while I’m doing my thesis.


4. Church. Get myself closer to God and worship. Not that I’m not that ‘close’ now, but I’m supposed to give more to God.


5. Friendship and family. Spend more time with family, not just with my dad and mom and sister, but with big family (I have no idea how). Make more friends. It’s about time for me to find friends that can spend much time together with me. I’m serious about the last one, before I find myself in depression.


6. Relationship. I’d better keep this one to myself.


7. Money. As always, I need to save and make much more money if I stick to my plan to open a coffee shop (big dream). Find a new job if necessary.


Finally, I really wish all of these points come true! Cheers! Good luck!

[tips : print out a hard copy of ur resolution if you happen write it online, so you can keep yourself in line.]