Tribute to Uncle Alwi

by kqer

This pic was taken about a year ago, not long after Uncle Alwi had himself baptized. Sitting in the front were my uncle and his wife. Today, January 4th 2012, my uncle (from father’s side) Alwi has died at 2PM after a long fight with cancer.

My cousins and I knew my uncle as a funny uncle. He used to laugh a lot and tease all my cousins. He used to invite our big family to come to his house for gathering.


I didn’t know a lot about him until I spent one month living in his apartment in Singapore during the incident in May 1998. He guaranteed all the expenses I spent while I was living there. I will never forget when he secretly handed me S$10 for pocket money. He also hitch-hiked me on a bicycle when we went to the beach. He took me to KL for vacation and took a good care of me when I got fever.


For me, I owed Uncle Alwi a lot. I even promised myself to pay him back when I grow up. But God decided differently. Today, after he devolved himself to God and uncountable prayers and fights, he finally rest in peace. Our family had faith for his healing until the end. We kept praying even though his condition got worse. Fortunately, I had a chance to see him for the last time last week when we paid a visit to his house.


So now when Uncle Alwi has closed his eyes, we believe God sends His angels to lead him to Heaven. Uncle Alwi has won the fight against all the pain he endured all this time. We stay in faith with God and may all the prayers with Uncle Alwi.


“Rest In Peace, Uncle Alwi. We love you.”Β