How Interesting Your Life Actually?

by kqer

Perhaps you are one of many people that never ask this question to yourselves (or maybe you ask it all the time). Let start from how you answer this simple question. If you say yes, then you’re lying, because if you found yourself reading this posting, certainly that you’re bored at the moment.

But if you say no, you’re also lying. Why is so? Because when you’re reading this, you most likely are sitting in front of your desktop PC or laptop. They are amazing inventions from the Silicon Valley.

Life is such a dilemma in the first place. Many people are always asking why they were born in this world. No, definitely life is no fun if you’re still doing the same things every time you drag yourself out of bed.

Playing is fun. Partying is fun.

Studying is sucks. Working is (more) sucks. Go to school and go to work seem like sucking our energy and happiness out. They are boring. But why do we still go to school or work? The answer is money. God dammit!

That frigging bitch definitely knows how to make us stay in boring classes and routines. I’m not writing this because I wanna tell you to get away from those boredom. Instead, I’m reminding you not to stop what you’re doing right now (if you’re thinking of quitting everything) because someday you will understand that money (bitch) is there, waiting for you, yelling that you need her to survive.