What a Co-founder thinks

by kqer

I’m currently working on a project with my other 5 buddies. I call this as a project since it’s beyond ready to be called as a start-up. Along this short journey, I have learnt a lot of things that probably should be learnt by other co-founders out there as well.

Centeng was initially not my idea, not until I’ve been working on it for almost a year now. If you are a co-founder in any kind of start-ups or businesses, you [perhaps] feel down some times since it’s not yours in the very first place. But I’m gonna tell you, it’s okay if it’s not yours.

Let’s think about this for a while. A poor baby comes to you, you’re touched and decide to adopt this baby. You raise her like your own. You feed her, you play with her, you teach her many things, so that someday she’s ready to face the cruel world. When she’s now a grown up, you can be so proud to tell everyone “that’s my baby.” The same thing happens when you decide to take care of a pet (or pets).

Do you get the point? This is exactly the same situation in a project when you find yourself as a co-founder. One of my buddies and I from Centeng are struggling in this state at the moment. We several times feel down for this project because this is not ours but still, we encourage each other that actually we learn a lot during the process, we build the project from raw idea to (at least) beta.

The reason I stay on this project is because I’ve already passed the same situation like this once in KoreanUpdatesย (KU). My team at that time was only 3 members. This idea came from one of the members but we worked our ass off to post the most recent updates about kpop and stuff that I think (until now) is endless. I stayed up late every nights to check on the views stat and then thought every chances we had to try to boost the views. Why did I (and others) work for FREE and even grab our own pocket money to pay cool theme and stuff? I don’t know. We fought, quarreled almost every day and also had good times together. So I think to myself, why not I try to work my ass off once again with Centeng?

And, the result when I finally decided to see myself walk out from KU was KU already became one of the biggest korean news site in Indonesia. Now, few famous Indonesian writers join with KU to write novels and even publish it for real and KU expands to online store. I can tell I’m so proud of KoreanUpdates. That’s my baby, man! And guess what, up to this moment, many friends of mine still think I’m the “koreanupdates” girl.

Finally, I want to make sure again, do you really get the point yet?