Why “24-hour-per-day” is never enough and the solution

by kqer

How many times in your life that you think 24-hour-per-day is not enough? Never? Or maybe all the time?

Well, if you’ve ever thought about it (even once) then you probably should have a check on your activities.

It’s a fact that can’t be denied by everyone that we only have 24 hours to spend every day with tons of activities, no matter what do you do for life. We always find ourselves do something with half-hearted because we don’t mean to do that.

I suggest you to have a priority-to-do-list. Everyone knows what a to-do-list is. Some people even stick with it, but they have no idea to make priority of the activities in the list and that’s why they always find the “24-hour-per-day” is never enough. People keep themselves doing everything in the list without realizing how important of each activities, how that each activities actually contribute for their life in the future.

First of all, stay with what you always do with your to-do-list (and if you’re new with to-do-list, you’d better start to make one now). Make the list and the checklist. Now after you know what you need to do, add numbers to each activities. #1 stands for the most important activity from the list and so on. FYI, you probably now find out that some activities are useless and not worth your time.

Secondly, keep yourself in track by doing per activities in series. This is hard. Stay in a commitment is hard. (I know exactly) Stay out from social media like Facebook, Twitter and friends is even harder. But trust me, social media(s) suck out almost half of time in our lives.

Well, now you know your problem with time, do things worth your time, quit things waste your time. Above all, start with your very own priority-to-do-list.

Good luck!